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Home Sweet Home: Great Home Improvement Tips

A home-improvement project can be both fun and frightening. Take a few days and do something great together. Handling your own home improvements is a great way to save money. This article will show you how to get started.

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The 17 Best DIY Blogs

Makeovers are only as good as the people behind them. Presenting, in no particular order, our favorite do-it-yourself crew.


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New Zealand Will Pay For You To Visit If You Qualify For A Tech Job

New Zealand Will Pay For You To Visit If You Qualify For A Tech Job | The Huffington Post

The program is called LookSee Wellington. Interested travelers are required to fill out an online job application, after which local tech read more...

12 months ago

Ready To Rent Your Property? By Joe Hicks

Consider being a landlord in Tampa as a skill. A turn of the century old "parlor' stove or pot-bellied unit complete with mica doors and nickel plate foot rails adds a feeling of charm and Americana like nothing else. The people borrowing the fun read more...

12 months ago

EnerBank USA Discusses the Payment Process for Home Improvement Projects on National TV Program


USA, a specialized provider of home-improvement loans, will be

featured on Designing

Spaces, airing on Lifetime Television, on Thursday, April 28, and in

an encore presentat

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Worst Renovations of All Time -- and How to Avoid the Same Fate

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9 home remodeling tips - Jan. 20, 2012

(MONEY Magazine) -- You don't have to be underwater on your mortgage to feel trapped in your home.

Now may be a less than ideal time to put a house on

create a blog